The Ebb & Flo balance board is designed to enhance style, fluidity and grace in and out of the water. The Ebb & Flo balance board is unique in its rail to rail riding motion, using a parallel roller to the length of the board – a motion truer to the surfing experience. 

Made from sustainable materials, no plastic.


Long before this product existed, I was developing my craft by surfing my way through the 70’s. The Goofboard wasn’t a thought until I took a corporate job and couldn’t seem to find time to get in the water. It was here when I began conjuring up the idea... “A surf trainer for the unwanted dry spells.”As other brands entered the marketplace in the 90’s they introduced, “the surf trainer” but when tested, I felt little resemblance to surfing. It was here I realized what I needed to do in order to create a true simulated surfing experience.I cut up a scrap piece of plywood, modeled after a longboard I loved and tried riding it on a pipe parallel to the plank. I began chasing that feeling. I was determined to create a riding experience as close to the real thing as possible. Through years of research and development we’ve evolved the Goofboard into the current product... The truest Rail-to-Rail riding experience is available for you to enhance your surfing, balance and strength.Goofboard launched in 2009 and the evolution continued to today's brand Ebb & Flo, which launched in 2019. Developed and designed with the surfer in mind, we create a simulation surf trainer that has evolved over the years into the newly rebranded product line that you see today. Thank you for your support.

 -Armin Brown, Founder