How do I clean my balance board? 

Dust is the enemy of grip! To maintain deck traction, clean with damp cloth. Use glass cleaner to remove stubborn spots. We recommend not riding with sandy or wet feet. 

How do I keep the cork roller clean? 

Clean the cork roller with damp rag. For more severe dirt - wash with water, dish soap, and a wash cloth. To avoid damaging printed logos, do not scrub cork roller at ends. Allow roller to air dry in an open area. 

Will I injure myself? 

This is a common first question... Hold onto a strong steady surface when getting started. Practice the rolling motion and the feeling of moving from rail to rail. Get comfy with this, then start playing around. Watch our how to videos for more direction.. Start slow, you'll get there. 

How long does it typically take to get the hang of riding the balance board?

Well - this is quite dependent on your balance, experience with a rail to rail motion and desire to practice. Typically, it takes about 15-30 minutes of use to maintain decent balance, about two weeks to shake off the jitters, and maybe a month of regular use to feel fairly comfortable. You see the best results when practicing regularly - hop on once a day, and have fun with it. 

Is the Ebb & Flo balance board the same as other balance boards?

No - not at all actually. Our boards ride in a rail-to-rail motion - parallel to the roller, whereas most balance boards ride perpendicular to the roller - which is truer to the surfing experience then anything else out there. 

Why did you drop the name Goofboard for Ebb & Flo?

This transition began with the desire to create an eco-friendly line of balance boards which evolved into the re-brand and rename of Ebb & Flo. Defined as "a recurrent or rhythmical pattern of coming and going or decline and regrowth," we felt this fit our desires to take part and grow the movement of protecting our earth. Ebb & Flo also relates to our passion of surfing the rhythm of the sea and the place where shore meets land and sea. 

I found a coupon code online but it does not work. 

Oh yes, the infinite floating coupon codes. Unfortunately, those aren't valid. If you're in search of a coupon code, sign up for our newsletter and you will be the first to know about exclusive offerings and happenings with our brand! 

What is the best riding surface to ride on?

We will soon be offering a 100% recycled cotton rug as a riding mat. A stretching mat works as well, but head on over to our accessories page to see the rug we recommend. 

Will practicing on the Ebb & Flo board help my cross-stepping?

In our opinion, there is no better way. Practice balancing on the Ebb & Flo one foot at a time, on either foot. Keep your knees bent and make each step a smooth transfer of weight. Even if you do not aspire to walk to the nose, as a longboarder, you still need to move your feet. The Ebb & Flo balance boards will help. 

Will the Ebb & Flo board make you a better surfer?

We created the Ebb & Flo balance board - with the surfer in mind - to evolve your style, fluidity and grace in and out of the water. So yes, it will absolutely help your surfing. With practice, you will feel increased strength, balance and board control. 

Do you have to surf to ride the GoofBoard?

Oh no - the Ebb & Flo balance board not only helps evolve your surfing, but is also a great trainer for all activities which include balance. 

Why is the Ebb & Flo board better for SUP training than the other balance boards? 

For the SUP paddle stance, you will need to ride rail-to-rail with your feet fairly close together. Our boards are designed with bamboo stops on the rails of the board, so when you get to that edge, you will be gently stopped. Other balance boards typically either have stops that are too wide or there are no stops going rail to rail - which is much more difficult and you will fall easier. The Ebb & Flo board also allows you to switch into a surfing stance and move those feet! 

Will the board help snowboarding? 

Why, yes - we have plenty of snowboard customers who have made us aware of how much it helps their boarding. The heel-to-toe motion from the Ebb & Flo board is a good way for snow boarders to keep in shape while practicing that riding motion.