Ebb & Flo

The Eco Cotton Magic Carpet

$ 35
Color: Black

Our 'Magic Carpet' is a perfect option to dampen your roll while using our surf balance trainer on its cork roller.

Material and Impact

Our rugs are made from craft spools of yarns from recovered textile fibers. They are then hand-woven on wooden looms from the new yarn, all with NO dyes, chemicals, or latex, resulting in a delightful, durable rug that last for years without bleeding or fading in the washer. They’re soft on your feet and are the perfect addition to your home and riding area. 

Which size should I get? 

2'x 3' - This is our compact size, designed to simply dampen the roll, so if you are looking for exactly that.. This is the magic carpet for you. 

3' x 5' - Our more luxury of riding surfaces.. this magic carpet will dampen your roll the same as the 2'x3' but has more total riding area allowing for more crash pad landing area. 

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