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I just finished balancing on a EBB + FLO Board and I’m feeling amped! Surprisingly, the South Swells have been pretty good but I don’t feel I’m missing out.While I was living in Alaska, we were able to take Landon (our son) and Gavin (Mary’s brother) snowboarding. After, I felt the insane urge to surf. Believe it or not, there is surfing in Alaska, but it was out of reach, (and also super freezing) so I went with the second best choice that’d be perfect for year-round seasons, THE Ebb & Flo board by goofboard. In the beginning, I felt like a complete clumsy, out of shape, sloth. It was difficult and unfamiliar. I used the support of a chair to gain my balance at first.

How to use

You don’t need to be a surfer to ride one. Besides being great for the offseason or random flat days. I eventually incorporated the board into my bodyweight workouts like pull-ups, push-ups, and sit-ups. Other ways were a 15-minute cool down after a workout, 15-minute pre-surf warmups, or intermittent mixed between heavy upper body weights. A small 10-15 minutes of goofing can build a good burn in a short amount of time. Overall great tool to add to the surfer’s arsenal of staying surf ready.I started with 5 minutes a day and gradually increased it to 10 minutes and 15 minutes (which is recommended) a day. It’s a great balance trainer that builds up a decent sweat! 

 *Advanced Tip: Soft floorings like carpet cushions the ride making it easier and smoother. If you feel confident in your balance, place the board on solid surfaces like wood or concrete.


Classic Board 44” x 15” or 112cm x 38cm 

 Roller is 37” x 4” or 94cm x 10cm 

 Weight limit 450 lbs. or 204k

Comes with flo-blocks that lift the board 2 inches from the ground.  

Beginners: Use support to get up on your first try. It can be dangerous, I’ve fallen on my hands which have left my palms throbbing for a couple days. Not to mention the board flipping up into shins. Yikes! 

The board is a fun and minimal accessory every surfer, skater, or snowboarder to have in their arsenal for slow, lazy days. It has enhanced my balance and continues to do so every time I hit the water. Slip off the shoes, ride it barefoot for the real feel. It’s not recommended by the company itself but I’ve thought about applying real surf wax to make it a bit more grippy. If you have thought of it or have tried this idea, leave a comment or email us your experience!


It builds core strength and helps familiarize yourself with body weight shifting. It requires mental focus like how one needs to be in the water. At the moment, whenever or wherever that moment may be, you want your body to be reactionary and that comes with repetition. The board provides that constant flux and flow that can be incorporated into long-board surfing. When I feel my board or feet off and need to reposition while on the wave, I can move quicker and more fluid to regain control without losing my balance.

Made in the USA
 Made with Recyclable materials
 “Made by a Surfer for the Surfer”

"It’s one the top alternatives to actual wave riding.During those slow days or offseason, the Ebb and flo board is my go to exercise. I’ve gotten Mary and Landon interested in it as well and they find it very challenging but enjoy it. I enjoyed the goof board so much that I had to write and share about my experience with this great balance trainer that I can do in the comfort of my own home!"


EBB + Flo Team

Surf Balance Training