Finding Balance in 3 Simple Behaviors

B A L A N C E .

There are a million antidotes to finding balance; it’s one of life’s greatest accomplishments. We’re taught to always be striving towards balance without actually being given a grid or layout as to what that looks like. Meditation, yoga, running, journaling, eating well, staying hydrated, a good night’s sleep. They’re all part of the balance equation.

All of those factors will definitely bring you a sense of peace; but what if the antidote is actually much simpler? What if there were three daily behaviors that we could pay a little more attention to that would lead us straight into achieving balance? Aligning what you think, what you say and what you do could make a world of a difference.

Image via Studio 1850


Our busiest organ is our brain. It’s constantly on overdrive, even when our bodies are at rest. How often are we stopping to ask ourselves, How do I feel? Where do I really stand on this matter? Pinpointing your exact stance on any aspect of your life is the first step. Honing in on whether or not you honor an idea, task or relationship is where it all begins. If you’re not happy in a job, for example, and you spend a large majority of your life and time in this place and contributing your energy to this thing you don’t particularly love, you’re more than likely thinking about how this circumstance isn’t serving you. Step one.


Words are incredibly powerful. They’re our own personal representatives of our minds. They will depict and describe what’s going on in our vast and endless brains, and moreover, they’re sending messages and energies out into the world we live in to paint a picture for us. You’re unhappy in your job and you feel it and think it. What are you saying about it? It pays the bills; it’s a fantastic opportunity; I can’t complain. This contradicts what you think, and in turn, it creates a dishonesty-- an imbalance. 


Actions are our choices. They’re the way we take what we know and what we’ve learned and we input all of this into our stories to create the life we want. What a gift. Except how often are we capitalizing on these opportunities to act? Usually things like fear, uncertainty and logic will stop us in our tracks before we can put one foot in front of the other and take action. You’re unhappy in your job and you feel it and think it; you’re telling others that everything is okay and sending the message that you’re happy in your job; in turn, you stay. Each of these factors is not benefiting the other. Alas, imbalance.

As we consider the ways in which we can rewrite our stories to create balance, it really comes down to three main points. Allow what you think, say and do - to be the same. If you feel that you’re unhappy in your job, confide in others in telling your truth, and go in search of another opportunity that makes you happy and gives you purpose. Then wouldn’t things begin to align and make more sense? Where else can we apply this notion?Try it out and observe the way that life unravels a bit more harmoniously.

Words by Abbie Leming