4 Ways to Find Movement at Your Desk Job

M   O   V      E

Sedentary and productive are not birds of a feather. Nowadays, it feels as though almost anything can be done from a mobile device or computer -- so much so that when we can’t do something digitally, it almost feels unnatural. 

Now that we have this ability to accomplish many jobs and roles through our devices, our time spent sitting has inevitably increased. While this can be a blessing in terms of convenience, the lack of movement we’re giving to our physical bodies is something to acknowledge. We can find both short and long-term benefits from increasing our circulation, improving respiration, and most simply giving our brains a break to recharge. 

Switch up these 4 daily work behaviors to achieve not only physical but mental benefits in your day-to-day.


The meeting of two or more people to have a discussion doesn’t necessarily mean we need to sit in an enclosed space. Consider switching your meeting style to a walking meeting. Taking a walk down the street, to a coffee shop, or even just around the building is an opportunity to stand up, get outside and move your body. You’ll incorporate fresh air and possibly Vitamin D into your day, and you’ll give your body a break from the stagnance of sitting.


Opting out of the convenient route like taking the stairs instead of riding the elevator may sound small, but it will make such a significant difference for your body if you can make it a consistent routine. The stairs allow us to improve our circulation by getting our hearts pumping, and in turn, our bodies but mostly our limbs are given the opportunity to flush out sedentary blood and re-oxygenate ourselves before settling in to knock out our to-do lists.


Tap into your mind-body coordination with a little balance training. Standing alongside your desk or in a separate area of the office to practice balancing for even 5 minutes can do wonders for your physical and mental state of mind. Whether you’re standing on one leg, practicing a specific posture, or using a balance board, you’ll be engaging your core muscles which is proven to benefit dozens of other areas of your physical self including injury prevention. Beyond that, your brain will be able to break away from the task at hand and channel a different area of concentration to keep you feeling strong and in tune.


Sitting down for most of our day keeps our bodies in a constricted and flexed state meaning we’re not extending our muscles and allowing them the movement they’re capable of. The best way to counter not only sitting but more muscular movement routines like walking or taking the stairs is to take a few moments sometime throughout your day to stretch your body. Open your chest and shoulders, bend your spine and stretch your belly, and lunge your frontal hips open. This will release tension and stress that builds in a sitting posture and refresh your joints and ligaments.

Committing to 5-10 minutes of dynamic movement throughout the course of your 

workday will create long-lasting improvements to your posture, health and overall mood. 

Small shifts go a long way with movement-- it’s all a matter of creating a new routine!