GoofBoard Classic Log - Birch
Color: Blue

Balance Boards for Surfers

The Ebb&Flo and GoofBoard balance boards serve as balance trainers for surfers seeking to enhance style, fluidity, and grace in and out of the water. Our balance boards for surfers utilize a rail-to-rail riding motion with a roller that is parallel to the length of the board. This approach offers the rider an experience that is much truer to the feel of actually surfing waves.


TRAIN WITH AN EBB & FLO and Goofboard

Ebb&Flo and GoofBoard balance boards are designed by surfers, for surfers. Our unique approach uses a rail-to-rail motion which gives the surfer a much more realistic experience compared to balance boards. The Ebb & Flo board serves as an excellent surfing training tool for both new riders - improving their balance, and experienced surfers - looking to refine fundamental skills.

the Ergonomically Designed

Standing Desk Board

"These standing desk balance boards are a great addition to our Co-Work space. Seeing how they've enhanced our team’s focus and engagement during the workday has elevated the office vibe and puts a lot more smiles on faces!" 

- Jeran Fraser, Founder at Incubate Ventures  

Standing Desk Board - Ebb & Flo